Healing Hearts Center for Grieving Children and Families Offers Drop-In Hours

Healing Hearts Center for Grieving Children and Families Offers Drop-In Hours in Wake of Newtown Tragedy.



DANBURY — Healing Hearts Center for Grieving Children and Families at 73 Stadley Rough Road in Danbury, a program of Regional Hospice and Home Care of Western CT, is offering drop-in hours to help those impacted by the Newtown tragedy. Our mission has always been to support families through the difficult journey of grief. Licensed social workers and specially trained volunteers create a safe place for healing to begin.  “Healing Hearts staff has been assisting with the crisis intervention efforts in Newtown and our hope is to continue to work closely with other community agencies to ensure comprehensive bereavement services remain available.  Coping with the death of a child or loved one is always difficult but the circumstances of this horrific tragedy undermine our ability to feel safe and secure and further challenges us as we try to move forward in a world that will forever remain changed” said Deborah  Ryan, LCSW, ACHP-SW, Vice President of Clinical Services at Regional Hospice and Home Care.


Healing Hearts staff will be collaborating with other agencies and school officials in planning long-term support  for the families and community at large.  Group/ program locations and times will be scheduled to best serve the needs of the families.


Drop-in hours are at Healing Hearts, 73 Stadley Rough Road in Danbury  from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, 12/17 through 12/21. Support and educational material will be available for adults and children.


For more information please call Joanna DeNicola, LCSW MPA Program Manager 203-792-4422.


3 Responses to Healing Hearts Center for Grieving Children and Families Offers Drop-In Hours

  1. Margaret Chalkley says:

    This is an inquiry rather than a comment. My niece sent me information about the book, Katie the Ladybug – Explaining Emotions of Grief to a Child. I have ordered a copy to send to Newtown, CT, where, I understand your organization has taken on the task of receiving and distributing same. Do I use your 73 Stadley Rough Rd., Danbury, address or is there a Newtown address for this service. Thank you for all you do.

  2. To Healing Hearts staff :
    Thank you for the beautiful work you’re doing in the wake of the recent school tragedies.
    I am the author of A Time to Heal, a grief journal- and would like to offer some books for the families you are serving. A Time to Heal was used after 9-11 by the Army Chaplain’s office at the Pentagon and has reached thousands since that time. Would 20 books be helpful to start with?

    God bless, Beth Marshall, author. 864.940.9467. http://Www.atimetohealjournal.com.

    Please let me

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