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Pediatric & Perinatal Hospice Care Services

Our Pediatric & Perinatal Hospice Programs provides physical, emotional, and spiritual support for families whose babies have been diagnosed with a terminal condition or have died. We can accompany families throughout the journey of pregnancy, labor, birth, life and remembrance.

Pediatric & Perinatal Hospice care includes visits by healthcare professionals with expertise in perinatal care, instruction in caring for babies at home, and assistance with additional community resources.

Together, with your family, we will honor the life of your child and recognize his or her uniqueness and place in this world. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in making meaningful plans and creating lasting memories of your son or daughter. We recognize that every moment counts.

Prenatal & Perinatal Services in Connecticut

Regional Hospice and Palliative Care offers assistance in:

  • Prenatal support
  • Childbirth education and preparation
  • Developing individualized birth plans to establish personal desires and needs
  • Coordinating discharge of baby to home, when appropriate
  • Creating cherished keepsakes and photographs
  • Preparing for memorial services and funerals
  • Facilitating support groups for parents, siblings and others

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Infant Loss Support Group in Connecticut

Through our Healing Hearts Center for Grief and Loss, we provide an Infant Loss Support Group for those who have experienced the loss of a pregnancy, at birth or early infancy. This group provides a safe space to remember your baby and to share with other parents who have also had a loss. Learn more by clicking below or contact the Healing Hearts Center at (203)792-4422.
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