Microsoft Office 365 – Password Reset



Payroll / 401K / Benefits

Phone System

  • My Office Suite Portal –
    Broadview’s My Office Suite gives you full control of your office phone. You can program the speed dial buttons on the handset, retrieve voicemail, set call forwarding and/or the number of rings before a call goes to voicemail. The login user name is your hospice email address. You can reset your My Office Suite password if you do not remember it. Just click the forgot password link form the “Sign In” page.
  • Voicemail Management-
    If you only need to retrieve voicemail you can dial in or get your voicemail using the web link above. Login using your office phone number, internal extension number and extension PIN. You can then select the message you want to listen to. Remember your internal extension number may be different from the last 4 digits of your phone number. You can also reset your extension PIN using the “Forgot your password” link on the Login page for voicemail but it is easier to reset the extension PIN from My Office Suite Portal above.

IT Support

Computer support is available 24/7 for Regional Hospice staff through The Network Support Company. Contact them at 203.744.2274. Please note:

  • During business hours dial x164 for Will Hatcher
  • After hours follow prompts for 1-hour call back
  • Forgot Password Resets or Account Unlock please use the Microsoft Office 365 system
  • For non-critical support during business hours, email: 
  • Network Support can help with the following:
    • Resetting passwords for Windows and Email
    • Issues with Outlook, Word, Excel
    • Trouble accessing email on your cell phone
    • Server issues (Drive I; J; K; etc…)
    • VPN Issues
    • Printer connectivity issues (not related to toner or paper jams)
    • Connecting to the Internet
    • Handling a computer virus or spyware