"A Flower Uncertain..... 1:00" - A Poem by Neal Klein

“The hibiscus was my wife’s favorite flower. In this poem, the flower is talking about how fleeting, but beautiful its life is, and how love and loss go hand in hand.”

For I am here, a flower uncertain,

Uncertain whether

an hour

or a day

My life condensed as a flame

on a wick burning down,

Warm memories molten lava

establishing new ground

My gift is yours to enjoy,

as long as my time lasts,

Cherish me, begrudge me not,

When my time has passed

I bring to you my light-filled soul,

My radiant ebullient smile,

It would please me if you sat,

Even silent, keeping me company for a while

Feast for senses brought alive,

Precious images

for your heart when blue,

when you need you can revive,

Those memories now a part of you

For I am here, a flower uncertain,

Just for you today,

Uncertain if I will live,

an hour

or a day

Neal Klein’s wife, Emilee, died in 2017 utilizing Regional Hospice’s services. Neal wrote this poem as a way to express his grief.

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