A Special Gift for Hospice Patients

Every week the hospice patients, their family members and loved ones, along with the staff at the Center for Comfort Care and Healing are blessed with a gift. Often, recipients of the blessing know it has arrived as soon as it enters the building, its delicate scent quickly filling the air. The gift is simple really – fresh cut flowers donated by Trader Joe’s of Danbury. At first glance the numerous buckets brimming with flowers may not look all that special, but the generous offerings, and what Regional Hospice’s Floral Arrangement Volunteers are able to create with their beauty, is valuable beyond measure.

Peace of Nature

The floral arrangements not only smell wonderful, but they are little pieces of nature brought indoors – a gift that for bedbound patients and their weary visitors brings peace and tranquility. Flowers are often given to show one another love and appreciation, or to honor a special occasion. Throughout the Center, an unmistakable feeling of love and caring is evident in every thoughtfully crafted floral arrangement – constant reminders that every day is a special occasion.

Spreading Beauty

Patients in the Center are not the only recipients of Trader Joe’s kind gift. Volunteers and our staff gather flowers for the home-based palliative care patients they visit, spreading the love and beauty throughout the Connecticut towns Regional Hospice serves.


Our sincerest thanks go to Trader Joe’s of Danbury, to our Volunteer Office, and to all of the creative and dedicated volunteers. You help to make our Center a very special place every day.

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