A Tea Party for Patti Capilli

Written by Kerry Anne Ducey on March 22, 2017

My very dear friend, Patti Capilli, spent two months under the loving care of Regional Hospice and Palliative Care. I visited almost every day. Because of Regional Hospice, this 55 year old wife, friend, and mother of two, was able to live out her days with dignity and in the midst of love in a place she felt proud to call her temporary home.

We shared meals together created by Chef Jon. We watched Gilmore Girls while enjoying Jon’s cheese cake, and ordered pizza (I even brought “to go” orders home to my husband!).  We enjoyed sunshine on a few warm(ish) days thanks for the French doors that opened to a deck and woodlands. We laughed, cried, prayed, and I helped Patti write a heartfelt letter to her son.

Just short of two weeks before she closed her eyes to this Earth, I had a tea party for her. She wanted to thank her friends who stood by her during her journey. I sat up with her one late night and we created the invitations, she carefully picked the words to write and the people to invite. Sarah Bouissou, the owner of Bernard’s catered the party. There were china tea cups, silver trays and white linens.  Ten girls piled into her room for smoked salmon, chocolate covered strawberries…Patti was so happy. She cried as she thanked us all.  It was the last day she was truly able to enjoy food and friends – after that, it was hard to swallow and hard to stay awake.

I know we worked with you and I learned about what you did and your mission– but I had no idea of the profound impact a facility like Regional Hospice had until I put on that badge, walked through the second set of double doors, and spent almost 60 days beside my friend.

Thank you for giving me a place to go where I could enjoy my friend. I have wanted to write to you sooner. Yesterday was the funeral, I’m just picking my head up.

My best,
Kerry Anne