Regional Hospice Family Support Volunteer David Ceponis wrote this poem as a reflection on his time as a volunteer working with hospice patients and families.  David has been a Regional Hospice volunteer since 2013, bringing companionship, support and comfort to hospice patients at their homes.


You know EVERYMAN has a story?

In the rumpled covers of her bed;

Head eskew on the double pillows;

An errant crumb on her trembling lip;

She smiles at me nonetheless.

For she is happy to see me!

Not because of anything special I am;

Simply because I have come to see her.

And maybe if I listen well,

I can learn her story . . .

I constrain my strength to dwell in her remembered strength.

For she knows much, has done much, has loved much, has been hurt much, has forgiven much.

You see; I only have to listen . . .

For the woman I see is not the only woman she is.  Oh no, she is much more.  Only I cannot see all of her now.

For that, I have to listen.

And, the who that she really is, rises from the mattress to gently embrace me in her liberated wholeness.

For you see, EVERYMAN has a story.

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