Gertrude “Gert” Brew: Portrait of a Matriarch

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Walking into the cozy, charming home of Gertrude “Gert” and Jim Brew is like walking into the heart of a family. Their home, which is filled with love and warmth, is a tribute to the life and legacy that the couple has built together over the last sixty-six years. Their loving legacy is built on the dedication and compassion of Gert, the family matriarch, and a woman of great depth.

A Devoted Wife, Mother & Grandmother

Gert’s life has been a full one. She worked tirelessly for many years achieving success at her job at Perkin Elmer while also supporting her husband Jim in his career and raising their beautiful family. Her roles as wife and mother have forged the inner strength, passion and capability that she exudes.

A Family to Be Proud Of

Gert and Jim have four grown children. A doting mother, Gert speaks with love and pride about Maureen, Dianne, Jay and Paul. Each has achieved tremendous success in their chosen professions, a source of pride for the Brews. However, what is most admirable to Gert is the way they lovingly interact with one another, take care of their own children and watch over their parents.

Gert is equally proud of the accomplishments of her eight grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. Their academic and athletic achievements, as well as, their professional endeavors, bring tremendous joy and excitement to their grandparents’ lives.

The Brew’s calendar is marked with numerous family events. These picnics, graduations and trips to Mohegan Sun are all highly anticipated, as the couple cherishes time with family. They consider it a great blessing to have raised a family that enjoys spending time together. It is clear that their family gathers together, not out of obligation, but out of a genuine sincerity and love, the natural result of the loving example Gert and Jim provided.

An Avid Traveler

gertbrewar_tropical462Once Gert and Jim were done with the day-to-day details of raising their family, they began to enjoy the freedom of spending more time with one another. They share the same love of travel and quickly added many wonderful trips to the fabric of their busy lives. Gert began accompanying Jim on his business trips to the West Coast, time together that they both enjoyed. They have numerous stories regarding their travels that include twenty years of fun with friends on winter trips to Florida, Jim’s driving escapades in Ireland and memorable tours of Europe. There is even a now infamous tale of a “picture with the Pope” from one of their church tours.

A Gifted Artist

gertbrewart_flowers500Gert’s love of traveling is a perfect outlet for one of her other passions – painting. The walls of the Brew’s home are covered with beautiful oil paintings which depict memories from their lives. The paintings not only illustrate the talent and creativity of Gert as an artist, but they also demonstrate the depth of the passion and love that Gert has for the people and places that have touched her heart. There are paintings of places she and Jim have traveled together, important people from her life such as her mom and children and meaningful moments such as Jim hiking with his young daughters. With kindness and generosity, Gert has created many of these paintings as gifts for her loved ones.

Filled with Faith

gertbrewart_motherchild300Gert and Jim Brew are as dedicated to their faith as they are to their family. Attending church together is an important part of their lives. They appreciate all that they have been given and repeatedly acknowledge how much God has blessed them. They continue to attend church weekly and frequent as many church events as possible. It is no coincidence that Gert’s favorite painting is the one entitled “Teaching the Rosary” as it illustrates the peace and love that she believes are gifts from God, gifts for which she is truly grateful.

Gert Brew sees life as precious and meaningful. After being diagnosed with cancer she continues to live each day with the same fullness and depth as she always has, filling each moment with the things that matter most to her – family, art, travel, faith and above all else, love.

Written by Regional Hospice and Home Care Volunteer, Debbie Bodie and RHHC staff

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