Meet the Milestone Singers

The Center for Comfort Care and Healing is blessed with beautiful music. Patient suites are equipped with satellite television providing numerous music channels. Family rooms and common areas are also filled with the soothing backdrop of music. These little extras make a big difference in the environment of the Center. However, nothing is quite as powerful as live music delivered by loving individuals – that is where the Milestone Singers come in.

These volunteer singers serenade patients in the privacy of their suites. They take requests and perform classic songs designed to help take patients back in time. The impact is often profound.

Music Unlocks Memories

Research shows that music has the ability to tap into an individual’s long-term memory, making it especially helpful to those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Even nonverbal patients who have trouble communicating light up when touched by a song.

Classic Songs Touch the Heart

Our Milestone Singers have witnessed firsthand how their songs impact patients. They adjust their song selections and delivery based on a patient’s response or requests. As they were singing the classic song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” a patient who had been nonverbal laughed, smiled, and said “that’s nice.” Proof of just how powerful music can be!

This is the video of that interaction, if you listen carefully you can hear the patient’s joyful response:

For more information on the power of music to soothe and uplift, and tools for assisting those with memory loss, see:

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