More than a Cup of Coffee

Hospice volunteers provide an immeasurable level of care

Before passing away, after 7 months of hospice care in our Center for Comfort Care and Healing, Sara Samaha implored Laura Cordeira, Volunteer Coordinator, to get the word out that hospice volunteers bring immeasurable value to the patients they serve. She wanted people to know that volunteers are more than just a cup of coffee.

Her declaration referred to the fact that volunteers at Regional Hospice and Home Care may offer patients and their family members a cup of coffee or tea, but that warm cup of comfort serves as a symbol of much more.  It serves as an invitation to chat – or simply sit together – should the recipient desire. But, as Sara knew very well, the benefits that volunteers bring to patients, staff and the entire organization go well beyond that cup of coffee, and deserve to be recognized. We couldn’t agree more.

Volunteers – We Thank YOU!
In honor of National Volunteer Month, and Sara’s request, we would like to thank our volunteers, board members and supporters. Not a day goes by that we don’t appreciate your dedication and service. Without you we could never fulfill our mission of providing care, comfort and compassion for those touched by life-limiting illness and loss. Through the countless ways you serve as family, bereavement or spiritual support; via calming massage or Reiki; through the warmth of a cuddly pet visit or a fresh baked good; or in the uplifting impact of a new haircut, a loving hug, or a listening ear.

Through the things you do every day by greeting guests at the Center, bringing beauty through your garden and flower arrangements, and helping with fundraising or administrative tasks – roles that are essential to our operation. Truth is, volunteers, you help in so many ways that it is hard to mention them all. But one we can’t overlook – you do make a great cup of coffee. 🙂



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