TownVibe Ridgefield: A Triumphant End - Regional Hospice and Pediatric Care

“Roy and her team at Regional Hospice and Palliative Care in Danbury played a role in that triumph, granting Chelsea a bucket-list wish in 2016 by organizing a “day of glamour” fashion show in which Chelsea “lived out her dream as a red-carpet ingenue.” A photobook documenting the day is a record of living life to the fullest and celebrating the promise and possibility of each new day—reflecting the Regional Hospice philosophy.”

“Chelsea’s story is also emblematic of a profound need in Connecticut and the U.S. for hospice care for terminally-ill children, who either die in a hospital or at home, where their death can leave an imprint of grief on the family and friends.”

“Regional Hospice is rising to the challenge with a Building Under the Stars initiative to expand hospice care for children by creating four in-patient rooms on the second floor of the Center for Comfort Care and Healing. Only four other hospice facilities in the country have in-patient facilities for children.”

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