Fairfield County LOOK: Faces of Philanthropy Regional Hospice and Cynthia Emiry Roy

“We speak openly about what each patient wants and then honor his or her unique end of life journey,” says Cynthia Emiry Roy, MS, LCSW, CHA. Honesty, peace, compassion, dignity are more than words to Cynthia—they are the hallmarks of Regional Hospice, the first and largest nonprofit hospice in Western Connecticut. Whether taking care of patients in their own home or in the 36,000 square foot Center for Comfort Care and Healing, Cynthia and her staff push to make sure each patient’s last days are filled with grace and warmth.”

“The heart and soul of what we do is support and empower patients to live fully until they die,” says Cynthia. “We look at death as a natural process, and approach it honestly by creating strong human connection between staff and volunteers and our patients and their families. Once a patient dies, connection with family and loved ones continues with grief support that can last up to 12 months. The entire process is about nurturing connection as people experience loss and face closure at the end of life.”

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