The News-Times: Danbury Chaplains Help Medical Staff Cope During Pandemic

“Bauer, an inpatient social worker at Regional Hospice in Danbury, had sought out Simpkins, the center’s chaplain, to decompress from the pressures she was facing to support dying patients and their families during a pandemic.”

“‘To sit outside and have that connection and conversation was critically important and very filling for me, said Bauer, who lives in Westport and has worked at Regional Hospice’s inpatient Center for Comfort Care and Healing for about five years. ‘Because it allowed me to take myself out this stressful place that we’re in right now.”’

“This is one of many ways Simpkins and other spiritual leaders at medical facilities in the region have heightened efforts to support health care professionals who are feeling additional mental and emotional strains due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.”

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