One Wish - Jonathan Davis

NYC-based singer-songwriter, Jonathan Davis, wrote “One Wish” to support the forthcoming North Star, the first dedicated children’s hospice residence in the Northeast. He says, “I wanted to create a piece of music that captured that essence; the bleakness, the bitter sweetness, and the sense of loss and release that comes with death. My goal was to communicate death as an evolution of the spirit that is both exciting, frightening, sad and challenging for those left behind. I wanted to take the listener through the stages of grief and leave them in the final stage of acceptance. My hope for this song is that it brings a sense of peace to its listeners and to those who struggle with the loss of a loved one. When we pass, we pass only in the flesh, the soul lives on in the hearts of those it touches and shines down from the stars above for all eternity until we are rejoined in timelessness.”

Jonathan is further contributing to Regional Hospice through a commitment to write and record an original song for the children who enter the new North Star pavilion incorporating each child’s story and personality for their family.