Pam Picard - A Compassionate Healer that Emanates Warmth

When Pam Picard’s son Kyle was 9-years-old, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and later Lyme disease.  Drawing on her background in holistic healing, she embarked on a journey to get him the best medical treatment available and tapped into every therapeutic modality possible to bring her son the comfort and relief he deserved.  Kyle remarkably recovered from his cancer and that experience moved Pam to help others.

One way she started to help others was by studying reiki – or energy work – something that many of her friends practiced.  Reiki is a very gentle touch (or no touch) healing modality.  It is extremely calming and relaxing, and can bring a sense of peace throughout the body.  Pam views herself as a “hollow bone” or “vessel” in which she can transmit healing energy through her hands to the recipients to provide them the calm and relief they may need.

After studying to be a reiki master, Pam had a dream about providing support to patients during surgery. That ultimately led her to Raven Keyes, a member of Dr. Oz’s surgical team, who performs reiki on patients in the operating room.  Feeling like this was a good omen, Pam reached out to Yale-New Haven Hospital and learned that they too had a role for reiki practitioner volunteers in clinical settings.  Once she was accepted to Yale’s volunteer team, she reconnected with Raven and inspired her to coordinate training for Medical Reiki™ practitioners.  Pam completed this specialized training a month later and started putting her skills to use as a Certified Medical Reiki™ Practitioner at Yale New-Haven Hospital, while also working at Salt of the Earth in Woodbury.

In November 2015, Pam was approached by Regional Hospice’s (RHPC) President and CEO Cynthia Roy, who knew about Pam’s volunteer work at Yale-New Haven.  Cynthia encouraged Pam to bring her reiki expertise to Regional Hospice.

The night that Pam completed her paperwork to become a RHPC Reiki volunteer, she was told by a family physician that her father would need hospice care.  For Pam, this was a clear sign of fate, allowing her to become a family member at RHPC before beginning her work at the Center.  Her father was admitted to Regional Hospice’s Center for Comfort Care and Healing a few days later.

After spending five days at the Center for Comfort Care and Healing, Pam’s father passed gently.  While driving with her mom on their way to the Center that night to say goodbye and wishing he was not in any pain, they saw a beautiful falling star in front of their car.  Pam took this as a sign from her dad that he did not suffer and was at peace. Her father had passed gently and comfortably, just as they had hoped.

After taking time to grieve, Pam began her volunteer work with RHPC providing reiki to patients, their loved ones and staff.  She believes that her experience as a family member of a RHPC patient before volunteering enables her to feel, see and better know how to best meet the needs of Regional Hospice’s patients and families through her special skill set.  Having been in their shoes made her volunteer commitment that much more powerful.  She regards her volunteer work as a passion and loves seeing peace come upon individuals as a result of a reiki treatment.  Pam feels honored that she is able to support them on their journey.

If you’ve been one of the lucky ones to receive reiki from Pam, chances are you’ve also met her friend and “reiki sister” Kim Schmus, LMT.  The pair find great joy in working together, combining their skills in reiki, guided meditation and light touch massage to provide a holistic approach to relaxation, comfort and relief.

Pam is tearful and genuinely moved when recounting memorable stories and experiences she’s shared with hospice patients.  She mentions two special patients who she will never forget, having been with them at their time of death.  She smiles remembering the Alzheimer’s patient that she and Kim worked with for many months. While this woman could not express herself on the outside, through their reiki they could feel her love and peace – and fire – from deep within.  Pam remembers fondly the gift of thanks that one patient gave them in her last few weeks: For all the grace and glory that they enabled their patient to experience.

She says “just to be able to touch so many lives as a RHPC volunteer is incredible.”  We like to think the work Pam does is pretty incredible too.


Pam is a Regional Hospice volunteer who provides reiki, light touch massage and guided meditation to patients and family members.  She has volunteered over 125 hours and worked with over 200 people.


To learn more about Pam Picard, please visit her website at:

Pam Picard is offering a special discounted rate of $50 for any friends of hospice who would like to try a one-hour reiki session.  Please reach out to Pam directly and mention Regional Hospice to receive this discounted rate.

She is also available to provide reiki at Salt of the Earth on weekends.

If you are interested in learning reiki and taking a Reiki I, 2 or 3 class instructed by Pam and Kim, please visit their website at

To learn more about Kyle’s story, visit and select “The Kyle Show” to view a short documentary about his journey with brain cancer.

Inspired by Pam’s story?  To volunteer as a reiki practitioner, please visit Regional Hospice’s Volunteer Page and fill out an application today!

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