Parking Space - A Poem by Neal Klein

Neal Klein’s wife, Emilee, died in 2017. She was a Regional Hospice patient. This poem was written by Neal as an expression of his grief.

Ahhhh, Em, what to do, what to do,

I think these last few days I am eating

waaaaay too much thinking about you,

the thirty-first will be two years

I used to think I might forget

but that is no longer one of my fears

I know now that you have taken a special place

in my heart you have a permanent perpetual parking space

reserved just for you no one else can park

it’s yours and it shines and sometimes it sparks

and spreads your light and love wherever I go

and I thought you should know

your worry about me surely never slacked

we told each other I love thee to the moon and back

how much? and spread our arms way out far

I smile thinking of you riding shotgun in the car

with the sign under your seat and you never tired of getting thrilled

holding it up to another passing driver, and I thought one day I’d surely get killed

“Can’t fix Stupid” it said,

I really thought it would get me dead

So I laugh probably more now than cry

and I will never forget the gleam that shone in your eye

just sometimes at these markers of time

the healed scars of my heart pine and whine

disobeying my very own sign (saying “Thou Shall Not Whine”)

Maybe I’ll just go eat some more, and have some crackers and cheese, with my whine.

I know you are always close.

like those veins on my legs, very close,

but you already know all that I like to say,

I just like to talk to you anyway,

I know you can hear,

especially at these times, you are so near,

I can touch and feel your breath on my face

Just spending some time hanging out in your parking space.

"Broken" - another poem about grief by Neal Klein
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