Resources for Patients & Families

Speaking With Others About Your Wishes

Talking with your doctor or healthcare providers about your wishes is a discussion to have before a crisis occurs. Chances are that he or she is waiting for you to start the conversation. This valuable resource from the NHPCO offers tips on How to talk to health care providers.

Handbook for Patients and their Families

Handbook for Patient and FamilieThis detailed booklet will give you an excellent overview of Regional Hospice and Home Care’s many services, along with your rights and responsibilities, billing and payment information and more.

Download the Handbook (PDF)

Planning Ahead – Advance Directives

Advanced Directives BookletAdvance directives are legal documents by which you are able to express your preferences for medical care.  Regional Hospice and Home Care has created an in-depth publication on Advance Directives including forms for writing a Living Will and appointing a health care representative. Download the Advanced Directives Booklet (PDF) or call 203.702.7400 to request a copy.

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