Poughquag, NY Hospice Care

Here at Regional Hospice Care we take pride in our compassionate end-of-life care we offer to all our patients living in Poughquag as well as throughout New York. Since 1983 we have been offering our New York patients in-patient hospice care, palliative and pediatric care services at our top-rated Danbury facility.

Our dedicated staff strives to provide end-of-life care that contributes to managing our patients’ sympathy, harmony, and respect they deserve in their final days.

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Inpatient Hospice

Our highly reputable, state-of-the-art facility located in Danbury is equipped with a number of accommodation options for our patients. From private suites and full accommodations for family members to gourmet meals provided for loved ones and their families, our in-patient care and treatment facility is among one of the best in all the region.

Palliative Care

For our Poughquag patients who have life-limited and advanced illnesses, our team of caregivers provide specialized treatment that helps with their many discomforts as well as their mental and emotional hardships.

Pediatric Care

Our industry recognized facility offers the highest quality pediatric care to our terminally ill Poughquag child patients. We provide both prenatal and pediatric hospice care and are steadfast in offering comfort and services needed to family members to help with their challenging life’s journey.

Our Patients’ Stories

Beverly Dieringer

The qualities that she adored about White Ironstone China could also be said of her: she is strong, practical, and has a classical elegance.

A Very Special Visit

Victor Clarizio, visited Pegasus Therapeutic Riding, which was a day to remember for Victor and all the people who love and care for him. Read more about this meaningful day.

In Memoriam to Karl

Karl was an amazing individual who helped so many in the community.  He was a tireless and unassuming advocate for the charitable causes he believed in.

Who We Are and Why We Serve Poughquag

Since 1983, Regional Hospice has been providing end of life care at our in-patient facility to thousands of patients and our compassionate staff strives to help individuals to have a better quality of life.   

We are proud of our newest service addition we provide to all our Poughquag patients – our top-rated private suites located in our hospice center in Danbury.  Often referred to as The Center for Comfort Care and Healing, our facility and staff give focus to providing our Poughquag patients with all the comfort and care they need.


Why Choose the Regional Hospice Center

Here at Regional Hospice Center we provide care and treatment around the clock, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week regardless of where your initial treatment was rendered.   

Our team of dedicated physicians, registered nurses, social workers, chaplains, hospice care aides, and trained hospice volunteers are on hand to provide your loved ones with the customized treatment options that meet their individual needs, whether pain management, symptom control, speech therapy, or physical and occupational therapies.

Compassion, Peace and Dignity

The team here at Regional Hospice takes pride in offering your loved ones the peace and comfort they deserve at such a delicate time in their lives by giving focus to helping all of our end of life patients improve their overall quality of life in their final days.

Comfort Versus Curative

We also are recognized for our specialized in-patient hospice care and treatment we provide to children 6 months of age and younger who have been diagnosed with a terminal prognosis.  The team here at Regional Hospice understands full well the challenges, the emotions and the hardships endured and strive to deliver superior care and treatment to children while offering comfort to loved ones.

A Doctor’s Referral is Not Necessary

We will admit any individual who requests our hospice care without a doctor’s referral.  All individuals will be placed under the care of one of our dedicated doctors. Referrals can, however, be made on our site.

Hospice is Affordable

The peace of mind needed by family members who are watching a loved one die, to know that they will receive the specialized hospice care they need can be met by most private health insurance plans as well as Medicare and Medicaid.  These insurance plans typically provide needed coverage for your loved ones and afford you the comfort you need knowing they will be properly cared for.

Inpatient Hospice Care

Our Danbury Inpatient Hospice Center strives to provide all our Poughquag patients and their family members with the highest quality care and treatment they need while having to be away from home.  We are committed to meeting the individual needs of all our hospice patients. Not only do we provide their care and treatment, but also provide accommodations and meal requirements that meet with their specific needs as well.

The Center for Comfort Care and Healing offers:

*12 private suites

*A Multitude of Amenities

*Accommodations for family overnight stays

*Gourmet Meals

*Emotional & volunteer support.

*24/7 Palliative-care-trained medical physicians and APRNs

*Complementary therapies (massage, Reiki, music & Pet Partner program)

Chef Jonathan LeFebvre and his dedicated culinary team provide patients and their families gourmet meals whenever requested.  Chef LeFebvre is truly looked upon as a beloved family member to many of our patients and their families simply because of his overwhelming dedication and commitment to end-of-life patients and their families.

fully furnished room

Perinatal & Pediatric Care

We are also proud of our Pediatric and Perinatal Hospice Programs that provide our Poughquag families who have infants and children that have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, with physical, emotional and spiritual help.  Our dedicated team is on hand every step of your difficult path travelled from pregnancy, labor, and birth, to life, misfortune and remembrance.

Our Pediatric and Perinatal Hospice care and treatment combines medicinal services with visits and continued support all with perinatal consideration.

We Assist With:

*Prenatal support

*Childbirth education and preparation

*Developing individualized birth plans to establish personal desires and needs

*Coordinating discharge of baby to home, when appropriate

*Creating cherished keepsakes and photographs

*Preparing for memorial services and funerals

*Facilitating support groups for parents, siblings and others

Outside of Regional Hospice and Home Care Center

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The dedicated team of healthcare providers and caregivers here at Regional Hospice have been providing all our Poughquag patients and their families the highest quality care and treatment since 1983.  We not only provide specialized care to our patients, but we also provide the comfort and compassion family members and loved ones need and strive to help provide a better quality of life.