Admission Procedures and Inpatient Hospice Costs

The Center for Comfort Care and Healing admits patients to levels of care based on their medical needs as determined by our medical team and the patient’s primary care physician. Regional Hospice clinicians, in conjunction with the patient’s physician, determine a patient’s care needs and recommend either general inpatient care at the Center or routine hospice care. Patients and their families also have the option to utilize the Center for respite care.

General Inpatient Care

An acute medical situation may require hospital treatment to manage symptoms. The Center is a specialty hospital and a home-like option for patients to receive the same symptom management. This is Medicare covered and subsidized by Regional Hospice and Palliative Care — There is no cost to the patient.

Routine Hospice Care

The cost of care is covered by Medicare at the same rate as home care and subsidized by Regional Hospice and Palliative Care. — A cost of $495 per day for room and board is the responsibility of the patient and/or family. It may also be covered by third party insurance or long-term care insurance.

Respite Care

Available for 4 nights and 5 days for existing Medicare hospice beneficiaries when families either need relief as caretakers or if the caretaker is ill and unable to care for the patient. Medicare and a Regional Hospice subsidy cover the cost of a patient’s respite care in the Center — There is no cost to the patient.