Bethel Celebrates 28 Years of Giving

Alice Hutchinson and Cynthia E. Roy, President & CEO of Regional Hospice

Alice Hutchinson and Cynthia E. Roy, President & CEO of Regional Hospice

Regional Hospice gathered together area friends and supporters for the 28th Annual Bethel Giving Circles Breakfast. Alice Hutchinson, owner of Byrd’s Books, was the master of ceremonies, while Rev. John Parille was on hand to deliver the morning’s invocation. As guests caught up with their friends and neighbors, Cynthia Emiry Roy, RHHC’s President and CEO, reminded attendees why their participation was so important to families experiencing end-of-life challenges and grief throughout the four counties that Regional Hospice serves.

New Ventures for Regional

Roy explained some of the organization’s exciting new ventures, including the Medicare Care Choices Innovation Model and hospice care provided at Yale’s Smilow Cancer Center. She also delivered sobering news that many of the patients in need of hospice and palliative care are not elderly, as many would assume, but rather are children and infants. Cynthia then introduced the bright light in the lives of those ailing children and their families, Regional Hospice’s highly credentialed, yet extremely humble Pediatric & Perinatal Nurse, Chris Mastropietro RN, CHPN, CHPPN.

The Realities of a Pediatric Hospice Nurse

Chris explained the role that she and her hospice team play in helping family members in the midst of losing a young life, stressing that she wants them to know they, “don’t have to walk this path alone.” She spoke of her role as one of privilege, as less than 18% of hospice organizations provide support to pediatric patients. Mastropietro explained that in addition to being a source of comfort and assurance, she is able to offer little patients, “quick relief from unexpected symptoms and suffering.” Through the sharing of the realities of her daily interactions, Chris made it very clear that her gentle loving care was a great blessing to those in need.

Nonprofit Hospice Care Takes a Community

It was also clear that those who had shown their support at the annual breakfast through their participation, table sponsorships, raffle donations and generous table donations were a vital part of the subsidized patient care and bereavement services that enable Chris and the other Regional Hospice clinical staff to serve families throughout the community. We are grateful to all those in attendance for their enduring support.

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