Patient Stories

We invite you to spend a moment with our patients and their loved ones as they share their Regional Hospice journey.  We help to create human connection and honor each patient’s unique journey. And in the process, we hope to change the conversation about hospice.  

We are blessed when we can lend a helping hand, a soft shoulder and a caring heart as patients, along with their friends and family, create lasting end-of-life memories.  

It’s our honor to share some of their stories with you.


On Seeing Signs

A typical sign that people associate with death is the red cardinal. A common folklore saying has reached many grievers, “When a cardinal appears in

Alex and Fran

You Have Everything You Need

When Frances Guardi arrived at the Center for Comfort Care & Healing, her life – at the end of life – changed for the better.

A Connection to Abbe

In memory of his wife, Abbe, Fred Tesch had a beautiful fountain installed at the Center for Comfort Care & Healing. The sound of the

casey and tyler

On Grieving

There is no way to describe grief in a simple sentence that would be easy enough for a seven-year-old to understand, and there is no

He Needed His Mom

In November 2020, the Conn family lost their three-month-old son, Austin, to terminal illness. In this honest and courageous piece, Austin’s mom, Karlie, shares her

A Lesson in Kindness

When Bob Stosser was asked whether he was open to having a piece written in memory of his wife, Ann, who died last summer, he

Judee Thomas: An Angel in Heaven

Mike Jasinski and Sandra Ahrstrom describe their sister Judee Thomas as an “Angel on Earth.” She was a giving, lovable, and devoted woman of faith.