A Summer Camp that Heals

Healing Hearts Good Grief Camp 2016

When children experience loss, the pain can be unbearable. Not just for the child, but also for the adults in their lives who feel powerless in alleviating the grief. The nurturing team at the Healing Hearts Center for Grief and Loss developed the 2016 “Good Grief” Camp to help children who lost loved ones regain their confidence and joy, while encouraging them to do what they do best – laughing, playing, and making new friends.

“I Know It Is Hard.”

In four days of fun-packed activities, the children, with the support of trained facilitators, were able to explore their feelings, practice new confidence-building activities, and connect with one another in a meaningful way. Lots of hugs, a few tears, and many smiles were shared as the children began to heal. Campers supported each other in the most heartfelt ways. One little boy turned to another and said, “I know it is hard,” as he embraced his new friend with a warm hug. Another camper told her grandmother, “I wish we could have camp all summer long.”

A Picture is Worth…

There are few words to describe how amazing it is to see the spark return to a child’s eyes. The following photos offer a sense of just how special a Good Grief Camp can be. [Click photos to expand]

Special Thanks to a Generous Donor

The “Good Grief” Camp was made possible by a generous donation from a long-time supporter and Chapter Volunteer. She has committed to insuring that the camp continues next year, and we (and the children) could not be more grateful! Camp was also made possible by the kindness of several Regional Hospice and Home Care volunteers who supervised and supported the children throughout the week. Thank you so much for your compassion and time!

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