The Circle of Friends Grows

2nd Annual Golf Event Honors Richard Neptune

Kevin Corbett rallies golfers

Kevin Corbett and Debbie Neptune rally golfers before they head onto the course.

When Rich Neptune and Kevin Corbett first met, the connection was immediate. They were introduced at the 45th reunion of Corbett and Debbie Neptune’s (Rich’s wife) 8th grade class. They got along so well that another partygoer was convinced the two men had grown up together. Kevin remembers Rich as a “happy-go-lucky” guy who was easy to get along with. They started playing golf together and a bond quickly took shape – a bond that has led to significant support for the hospice services provided by Regional Hospice and Home Care (RHHC).

More Than Golf

Kevin, who is also a charismatic, cheerful person enjoyed golfing with Rich. Although Neptune was an excellent golfer who had played in college, his focus was more on having a good time than the game itself. If a fellow golfer’s ball landed close to the hole, Rich would say “It’s within the circle of friends,” and let them pick up their ball. That expression for a “gimme putt” stuck, and the last time they played together Kevin fondly recalls the “circle of friends” getting bigger with each hole.

An Unexpected Need for Hospice Care

In 2015, both Kevin and Rich unexpectedly found themselves in Danbury Hospital at the same time. Kevin’s condition improved, but Rich’s advanced in spite of treatment. In May of 2015 Rich was admitted to the Center for Comfort Care & Healing where he received hospice care for 3 ½ weeks before passing away.

Turning Loss into Love

While Rich was at the Center, Kevin visited his dear friend regularly. As Corbett shared, “I just fell in love with the place…The care, the comfort and the compassion that was provided to Rich and his family was remarkable. And for me too. I felt like family – not just a guy Rich played golf with.” Commending everyone from the lobby greeter volunteers to the compassionate nurses, whom he still keeps in contact with, Kevin was so moved by the support that he was driven to give back.

The Circle Finds New Meaning

That is when the “Circle of Friends” began to take on a new meaning. Combining the endearing love for his friend with the desire to support others in need of hospice care, Kevin decided to organize a golf fundraiser on behalf of RHHC. With the assistance of his wife, Ginger, and Rich’s wife, Debbie, along with the backing of generous supporters, Kevin’s 2015 Circle of Friends Golf Outing raised vital funds for patient care. In addition, Rich Neptune’s life was honored with a  Memorial Paver and Bench that are located in the Center’s gardens.


The Memorial Bench and Paver honoring Richard Neptune

The Circle Keeps Growing

Capitalizing on the success and fun of last year, Kevin decided to organize a 2nd fundraiser. This year’s Circle of Friends Golf Outing was an even greater success as Corbett and his team were able to triple participation, while more than doubling the funds raised. There was an outpouring of support from Danbury-area businesses who provided sponsorships and donated raffle prizes. Rich’s hospice nurses, friends, family and former co-workers were also on hand, some traveling from New Jersey, Long Island, Michigan, and Illinois to honor a very special man who was loved by many. The day was filled with sunshine, smiles and a whole lot of orange, as attendees dressed in the cheerful color to show their support for Regional Hospice and Home Care.

Lindsay Neptune (Rich's daughter) with Lydia Alliot and Jen Demartino (the RHHC Nurses who had cared for her Dad)

Lindsay Neptune (Rich’s daughter) was surprised at the event by Lydia Alliot and Jen Demartino (the RHHC Nurses who had cared for her Father)

Cynthia Emiry Roy, RHHC President and CEO was thrilled with the support stating, “Thank you Kevin Corbett and all of those who supported and attended the Circle of Friends Golf Outing. We were honored to care for Rich Neptune and his family, and we are incredibly grateful that his memory is able to live on in the generous funds you have provided for the care of other hospice patients and their families.”

To learn more about Richard Neptune, please see his patient story, “A Life That Inspires Giving.”