Healing Hearts Offers New Grief Support Groups for Younger Adults and Children

The Healing Hearts Center for Grief & Loss is starting two new grief support groups that will address the unique experiences of two age groups. One group is for younger adults between the ages of 18 and 26 who have experienced the death of someone close to them. The other is for children ages 6-13 who have lost a grandparent or other close extended family member.

The new groups complement the Healing Hearts Center’s existing grief support groups, which include offerings for children ages 4 and older who have lost parents or siblings, and adults who have lost spouses, children or grandchildren, among other grief support groups.

Every Healing Hearts support group provides a safe, confidential environment where members are invited to share their personal experiences with grief with others who have similar experiences, and are supported by compassionate, professionally trained facilitators.

“At Healing Hearts, we offer a place for emotional healing, where people no matter their age can meet others who have experienced similar loss in a welcoming environment,” said Joanna DeNicola, LCSW, Healing Hearts program manager. “As you move along your journey of hope and healing, being with others who are experiencing what you are can provide comfort and support.”

The young adult support group meets once a week for six weeks in the evening.  The new children’s group will meet one time per week after school. All groups meet at the new Regional Hospice Center for Comfort Care & Healing, located at 30 Milestone Road in Danbury. To learn more or to find out how to join, please contact Joanna DeNicola at 203-702-9152.

The Healing Hearts Center for Grief and Loss is an award-winning program of Regional Hospice and Home Care that offers free support groups, workshops and educational events to help children, teens and adults cope after the loss of a loved one.