Our Regional Hospice provide more than end-of-life care. We are a team committed to improving the quality of life for patients with a terminal illness. 

If the terminal prognosis is six months or less, then hospice care may be right for you. We provide hospice care for patients and a range of diagnoses regardless of age. 

We recognize that these times are difficult and stressful. Our hospice care programs offer comfort, emotional, and spiritual support to patients, their families, and caregivers. Our nurses and staff are here to provide answers regarding care and comfort for your loved ones and peace of mind to you.

 You and your loved one can expect a personalized care plan for the patient’s pain management. We monitor symptom control closely to provide the best care possible. 

Regional Hospice Care Services

We provide the following care services:

In-Home Hospice Care 

In-Patient Hospice Care

Palliative Home Care Program

Pediatric & Perinatal Hospice Care

Recognizing Symptoms

If your loved one is experiencing any of the following symptoms, then you should call hospice:

  • Increased visits to the ER or hospital
  • Change in mental abilities
  • Confusion and Restlessness
  • Increased amount of time sleeping, uncommunicative, unresponsive, and difficult to arouse
  • Loss of appetite leading to continuous weight loss
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Loss of balance. Frequent falling
  • Increased difficulty in performing daily tasks such as eating, getting dressed, walking, or using the bathroom
  • Reoccurring infections

 Types of Hospice Care Services   

In-Home Hospice Care

In-Home Hospice Care provides care for patients who are homebound. We come to you, wherever you reside – your home, assisted living residence, or skilled nursing facility. In-Home Hospice Care may include an individualized care plan developed in conjunction with the Regional Hospice team that meets each patient’s individual personal care needs. 

Regional Hospice work with contracted skilled nurses and assisted living personnel. Our Danbury facility support center is open 24/7.

In-Home Hospice Care serves Connecticut including Greater Danbury, Fairfield, Litchfield, New Haven, and Hartford counties. 

In-Patient Hospice Care

Some families may find serenity and comfort in a private suite away from home. The Center for Comfort Care and Healing offers accommodation for overnight stays with a multitude of amenities and provides the highest quality hospice care for patients and their families away from home.

The Center’s hospice and palliative-care-trained medical directors, physicians and APRNs are available 24/7. Nursing and palliative care provides emotional, spiritual, and volunteer support, as well as a host of complementary therapies.

In-Patient Hospice Care serves Connecticut and New York.

Palliative Home Care Program

Palliative Home Care program serves patients who are homebound and have symptoms that are difficult to control. Palliative Home Care Program offers medical care to reduce pain, control symptoms and debilitating side effects resulting from medical treatments. Patients opting for palliative care are not required to forego medical treatments to cure their illness.

The Palliative Home Care Program works in collaboration with the care of physicians while allowing patients to actively seek specialized treatments.

Pediatric & Perinatal Hospice Care

Our Pediatric & Perinatal Hospice Programs provides physical, emotional, and spiritual support for families whose babies or children have been diagnosed with a terminal illness or have died. We accompany families throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, life, and remembrance.

Together, with your family, we will honor the life of your son or daughter and assist you in making meaningful plans and creating lasting memories of your child. Regardless of the timeline for your loved one, we believe wholeheartedly in providing an experience that you can look back on with happiness.

You and your child’s doctor decide what is right for them. If the patient has a prognosis longer than 6 months, they may still benefit from Home Palliative Care to improve their quality of life, reduce pain, and temporarily relieve any caregivers.

Home Hospice Care versus Palliative Home Care

Both hospice care and palliative care provide comfort for patients. Palliative care can begin at diagnosis and at the same time as treatment. Hospice care begins once the treatment for the disease has stopped.  

Referring Hospice Care

The decision to begin hospice care is deeply personal. We encourage you to discuss with your family and your physician to determine if hospice care is right for you. Referral for hospice care may be issued by a physician, a family member, friend, or even by the patient.

At any time, the patient has the option to end hospice care and resume curative treatments.

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