Thank you for helping us keep our patients, their loved ones and our staff safe during the pandemic. We are now allowing visitors back into the Center for Comfort Care & Healing under the following guidelines. 

  1. We are currently allowing one to two visitors daily from 12pm – 3pm. Outdoor visits are preferred, but if being outside is not possible or desirable, you may visit with your loved one in his or her suite. All visitors and patients (as tolerated) are required to wear masks. You will also need to fill out a health screen forms and have your temperature taken. Please remain at the Center during the full length of your visit and do not leave and come back later during visitation hours.

  2. If visitation occurs in the patient’s suite, please remain there unless care is being provided. During patient care, you may sit and spend time in the main living room.

  3. If you wish to order food from the Center kitchen, please call your order in. Cash is accepted or if using a credit card, the payment can be processed over the phone.

  4. If your loved one is actively dying, one to two family members can visit at any time for however long is necessary, providing that they are not leaving and coming back throughout the day. Please note that additional family members can visit during this important time at the discretion of the APRN or Director of Nursing.

  5. After you visit in your loved one’s suite, housekeeping will enter to wipe down frequently touched surfaces.

  6. For private care givers: Please note that you will need to fill out our health screen forms and have your temperature taken. All private care givers should stay in the patients’ room, wear a mask and remain at the Center and not leave and come back throughout the visitation period. 

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation!

June 12, 2020