Regional Hospice and Home Care Honors Its Man for all Seasons—George Mulvaney

Chivalry, derring do, relentlessly analytical, boundless generosity, a tux at-the-ready and a truck— if you’re thinking Dr. Indiana Jones, think again.

On Wednesday, November 4th George Mulvaney, Ridgefield resident and President & CEO of Mulvaney Mechanical in Danbury, received the Regional Hospice and Home Care Ridgefield Community Leadership Award.

Mulvaney was honored at the Ethan Allen Inn at the Ridgefield Chapter Breakfast for his twenty-one years of leadership on Regional Hospice’s Board of Directors and his indefatigable spirit that led him to Tanzanian villages observing care for AIDS patients during 2011; decades of chairing, overseeing details and moving large displays for major fundraisers; and his strategic role in the creation of the Center for Comfort Care & Healing— all on behalf of Regional Hospice.

Since Mulvaney has received numerous awards and public accolades throughout the years from area organizations, Cynthia Emiry Roy, President & CEO of Regional Hospice and Home Care, wanted to share personal stories about George Mulaney the man whose prescience and kindness is at the core of everything he does. As Roy presented Mulvaney with his award, she entertained the crowd at the sold-out event with stories of Mulvaney’s unfailing calm and generosity during a Tanzanian trip as part of Regional Hospice’s work with the Foundation for Hospice in Sub-Saharan Africa (FHSSA).

To the children in Ndolage, Tanzania, Mulvaney became known as the “the nice American guy with the cowboy hat” for distributing gifts to them he had brought from the U.S. while he and the Regional Hospice group visited villages caring for patients with AIDS and diabetes. Within their travel group he was also known for his quiet reserve on “puddle jumper planes over the mountains and in cars without seats.”

Mulvaney’s departure surprise at the airport was yet another example of the man who continues to be that tireless and spirited philanthropic force at the heart of the Regional Hospice family: Mulvaney had rebooked their seating so all of the women could have window seats as they flew over Mount Kilimanjaro. “George always thinks beyond himself as a way of making other people happy,” said Roy.

In his famously self-effacing manor, Mulvaney thanked the crowd, crediting Roy for her “dogged persistence and inspiration in getting legislation changed and raising $13 million to make the new Center a reality,” and thanked Regional Hospice staff and volunteers as well many other non-profit leaders attending from throughout the region “for the hard work they do every day that I could never do to help people in or greater community.”

Regional Hospice and Home Care had created a one-time, special award –The Spirit of Philanthropy Award to honor George Mulvaney at its 2013 volunteer luncheon. In addition to having been a member of RHHC’s Board of Directors since 1995 and serving as its chairman and vice chairman at various times throughout his tenure, Mulvaney is the current vice chairman of its board and as vice chairman of its governance and finance committees.

The Ridgefield Chapter Co-chairs Anita Barrios and Pat Pettit, along with Linda Maggs, Ellen Scott, Deb Durkee, Bessie Krysiewich, Nancy Ollinger, MaryBeth Prunty, Pat Ruhl, Debbie Wein and Josie Connolly brought the Ridgefield community together to honor Mulvaney and raise money for the services provided by Regional Hospice to families in their homes and at its Center for Comfort Care & Healing. Anyone wishing to join the Ridgefield Chapter and help them plan their highly successful, annual event should contact Regional Hospice for more information.

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