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ToniAnn Marchione joins Regional Hospice as new Chief Health Operating Officer
ToniAnn Marchione, former CEO of Danbury Radiological Associates, joins Regional Hospice as a driving force to grow the organization’s partnerships and create long term alliances with healthcare organizations in Connecticut and beyond.
10th Annual Golf Classic
Join us on October 4, 2021 at the Salem Golf Club in North Salem, New York to celebrate the memory of Brookfield, Connecticut resident, Bill Leverence.
He Needed His Mom
In November 2020, the Conn family lost their three-month-old son, Austin, to terminal illness. In this honest and courageous piece, Austin’s mom, Karlie, shares her perspective as a way to bring some light and comfort to other families who may also be facing the painful experience of losing a child.
A Lesson in Kindness
When Bob Stosser was asked whether he was open to having a piece written in memory of his wife, Ann, who died last summer, he said, “It depends.”
Judee Thomas: An Angel in Heaven
Mike Jasinski and Sandra Ahrstrom describe their sister Judee Thomas as an “Angel on Earth.” She was a giving, lovable, and devoted woman of faith. After experiencing a miscarriage, and then losing her beloved husband, Fred, in a car accident when she was only twenty-four, Judee never remarried or had children.
Color Fest 5K Youth Run!
On Sunday May 23, 2021 more than 100 local students and adults participated in our first annual Color Fest color run at Tarrywile Park & Mansion. All funds raised benefit the forthcoming North Star pavilion, the only dedicated children’s residential hospice in the Northeast and one of only five in the country.
2021 St. Pat’s Shamrock Auction
March 7 – March 17
This year, due to the lingering pandemic, we are hosting an online auction in lieu of our in-person breakfasts. We hope you will join us!
Processing Loss
On July 16, 2019, Tyler Cummings, died in the Center for Comfort Care & Healing from a rare degenerative disease at age 17. To help cope with her older brother’s loss, Casey Cummings, began writing about Tyler, her hero and best friend. Here, Casey shares four vignettes and explains how journaling helped her begin to work through her grief.
Remembering Sarah
The film Grace + Gratitude documents the end-of-life journey of Sarah Livesey, who died at age 46 in the Center for Comfort Care & Healing. Two years after her death, Sarah’s light, boundless love, and beautiful way of being are still very much alive.
A Journey of a Loving Marriage
Pat Martinsen loved life—and colorful zinnias, a flower that symbolizes endurance, friendship and remembrance. Her beloved husband, Bob, remembers her here.
Grief Support in the Time of Covid
When facing loss and the grieving process, feeling a sense of community is essential. Being grounded and cared for by those around us can make the profoundly complicated, painful time a bit easier. The people who surround us can help us to continue living, to maintain our health, and to find hope.
Wish Upon the North Star Virtual Event
On December 3, 2020, Regional Hospice launched its first virtual event, Wish Upon the North Star. Hamilton star Miguel Cervantes and his wife, national health advocate and activist, Kelly Cervantes, hosted the fundraiser for Regional Hospice’s North Star, the only residential hospice space in the Northeast (and one of only five in the country) dedicated to end-of-life care for babies and children.
Robert Bedoukian Joins the Non-profit Organization’s Volunteer Board of Directors
This month, Regional Hospice welcomes Robert Bedoukian of Danbury, Connecticut to the organization’s volunteer Board of Directors. As President of Bedoukian Research, Inc, an international supplier of fragrance and flavor ingredients, Bedoukian is a skilled leader and dedicated chemist.
Lisa Esneault Joins the Non-profit Organization’s Volunteer Board of Directors
As Vice President of Communications and President of Global Giving at Linde, Lisa Esneault has more than 25 years of experience in driving organization change and business results through development and execution of strategic communication.
Regional Hospice Appoints John Capilli to the Board of Directors
John Capilli began a relationship with Regional Hospice when his wife of 23 years, Patti Collins Capilli, became a patient at the Center for Comfort Care & Healing in Danbury.
The RH Mask Donation Program: the Kindness and Creativity of our Volunteers and Supporters
Volunteers Judy Rickert and Yan Hurlbut have helped spread the call for handmade face masks to help protect the RH community—and have helped us collect hundreds upon hundreds of masks in our fight against Covid-19.
Meet the Regional Hospice Development Team!
Our dynamic development group has had to pivot due to Covid-19, moving from in-person events to virtual fundraisers. While we are hard at work, we wanted to introduce you to the RH Development Team!
A Surprise Symbol of Hope
Recently, we lost a patient who had been on our services for almost a full year. Michele had been back and forth, living in the community and in our Center for Comfort Care & Healing during her eleven months with us.