In the Company of Death

“Just like in superhero movies, there is always a back story. This is mine.”

Hospice Psychiatrist, Mark Ligorkski, MDSo begins an article written by Regional Hospice’s very own Staff Psychiatrist, Mark Ligorski, MD. Earlier this year Dr. Ligorski shared a personal reflection on how his family’s experience with death ultimately shaped his career path, in “Why I Became a Hospice Psychiatrist“.

Now in a poignant piece written for the hospice & palliative care community, Mark shares a historical perspective of how our medical system has handled death and dying, the toll it has taken on the clinicians in its midst and the ray of hope that our evolving hospice care programs bring to those clinicians, along with patients and their loved ones. As Dr. Ligorski notes, “…light erases shadows and monsters, leaving brightness and clarity.” By talking about these difficult issues we can bring about positive change.

Please find the full article at, “In the Company of Death; In Consortium Mortis” on