Our Center's Wishes

Our Center for Comfort Care & Healing is a home away from home for our hospice patients and their loved ones. There are a variety of “wish list” items that would help us provide the best possible care, while supporting our dedicated staff. We are currently in need of the following:

Patient Support/Clinical Care

  • UV Cleaner to optimize infection prevention and reduce staff cleaning time ($50,000)
  • Bed Alarms for enhanced patient safety and to prevent falls ($10,000)
  • Bladder Scanner/X-Ray for efficient, effective patient diagnosis ($8,000)
  • Upgraded Lighting to ensure patient, visitor and staff safely ($7,400)
  • Music Stations/Entertainment Devices for individual patient rooms ($6,000)
  • IV Instructional Arm to assist with staff education and patient care ($2,500)
  • Full Size Recliner Chair to provide a comfortable place for our patients and visitors to sit
  • AA Batteries for bed alarms in patient rooms, candles in the Chapel, alarm clocks in patient rooms, etc.

Software Systems

  • Executive Dashboard Software System to improve operations ($20,000)
  • Preventative Maintenance Software for proactive building improvements ($4,500)

Building/Facility Improvements

  • Roof Modifications/Rooftop Snow Melt System to enhance safety for all Center visitors in inclement weather ($67,000)
  • Drainage System to maintain safety and prevent building damage ($15,000)
  • Irrigation/Sprinkler System to beautify our Memorial Gardens, and provide fresh meal ingredients ($10,000)
  • Kitchen Equipment for patient meals ($10,000)
  • Enhanced Security Fencing to support Center safety.